We provide an accurate and reliable chip timing service at an affordable price. We cater for all types of running races from Trail, Hill, Road even (Canicross!)

We are experienced timers  and can create solutions for your event requirements, and as event organisers and runners ourselves we understand things from all perspectives.

As part of our timing service we will bring a race clock.  If required we’ll bring a finish gantry. Ideally we would set up the finish area to suit or timing requirements-but will consult with the organisers prior to the event.

alge clock
We use a double sided Alge Clock

To get a quote for your event just email on this link  or if you want to discuss the race give us a call on 01334 828770 or email:-

Our tags:

Chip timing is now a well proven and reliable service. The chips or tags can be either one-use items or reusable, they come in a variety of types, paper shoe chips, hard shoe chips, ankle tags, cycle helmet and bib chips  Which chip is used will depend on the type of event to be timed and we will advise you.

Re-usable shoe tag
Ankle tag

We tend to use Reusable chips, primarily it keeps the cost down, as we are trying to be environmentally friendly as we can there is no waste to consider after the event. The downside compared to single use tags is that they have to be collected after the event.


Results are produced to match your prize list including  age categories, team categories or other requests as you require, providing we know what you require in advance we can deliver quickly and accurately. Manual and video back up is part of the service so no-one will get missed.

We provide you with the top male and female finishers results as soon as they finish (however many required), category results as soon as the positions are filled.

Full results are available to the organiser after the event. We can download the results to a memory stick for you as a PDF & Excel to take away & upload them to your website. We can also email the full results out the runners-or send them as an individual result.

We also offer the runners the opportunity to print out their results from the results kiosk. The label has a sticky back so they can attach their time to the back of the medal or bib.

Print out

Race Planning:

Before the event we would need certain information from you, if the race has special requirements a site visit before the race may be wise.

We would need to know:

  • The layout of the race, are start and finish in the same place, if not how far apart, is the race multi lap etc.
  • If power is available (it is not essential as we can bring a generator)
  • The age categories you are using. We can deal with any categories you wish to use.
  • When you want chips, we can drop them off to you during the week before the race or before registration on the day,
  • Athlete information on a spreadsheet, 24 to 48 hours before the race.

Race day

We will normally aim to arrive at the venue two hours before race start time. We’ll drop off the tags at registration & discuss any changes to the event. We will set up the finish area first, gantry if needed and timing equipment. Run a systems check & have a cuppa!

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All our races are permitted through ARC
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